First let me say I’m ecstatic about serving as KASL President and am eager to find ways to promote effective school libraries and librarians, like you, this year.

#WhyIKASL is simple. In my role as a school librarian, I simply don’t have the time, energy or resources to reinvent the wheel each day. KASL provides me opportunities to collaborate with other librarians regularly. This allows me to get ideas and learn from all of you. Between conferences, the biweekly #KyLChats on twitter, Google Communities, and regional KASL meetings, I’m being continually inspired throughout the school year. From makerspace items to lesson design, from cutting edge technology to action research, you and librarians like you challenge me to try new things, encourage me when I fail, and teach me things I need to know.

Another reason #WhyIKASL is because I’ve experienced firsthand how strong professional relationships often lend themselves to strong personal friendships. There are many librarians with whom I’ve been blessed to spend time with throughout the years at various LMS events that led to my learning about someone’s family, their spouse and kids, their interests and hobbies outside of education, their ambitions and dreams too. In short, we’re journeying through life together, professionally and personally. We talk to each other on the phone or Google Hangout just to catch up and ensure everything is going OK. What an unexpected blessing the personal friendships have been that blossomed in my world because of my involvement in this organization.

From left to right: Amanda Hurley, Laura Younkin, Courtney Stevens, Janet Wells, Jennifer Lake.

I could probably write a book about #WHYIKASL. Perhaps some of you could too. But if you aren’t a KASL member, why not? For me, the return on investment has been profound. If you’d like information on how to join this fabulous group, check out our website www.kasl.us.

And for those of you who are already members, please share why you KASL. I truly believe we will continue to have a positive impact on our students and one another when we work collaboratively and authentically together. Please take a moment and share your story. Let us inspire one another — today, tomorrow and as long as we are blessed to be around.

Amanda Hurley
KASL President

4 Comments on “Welcome”

  1. I agree. KASL is all about forming relationships. Some of my dearest friends are ones I’ve met at KASL events. We would have never met (geography, different grade levels, etc.) had it not been for KASL.

  2. #WhyIKASL – connecting with the sheer number of amazing librarians in the state drives me to try new things and be a better librarian myself. I started this career 5 years ago and without KASL, I wouldn’t have made the growth I have.

  3. Excellent post! I KASL because it is a great group to bounce ideas off of. KASL has helped me grow as a librarian and a leader. I too love the camaraderie of the members, putting names to faces from the KYLMS listserve, & catching up with friends at conferences.

  4. The main reason #WhyIKASL is because it makes me a better professional! I love my KASL friends and every conference and meeting is like a family reunion. There are so many incredible school librarians across the state that I can count on when I need something. I felt very fortunate that when I changed jobs and districts this summer that I already knew many of my new #OneTeamFCS colleagues due to our KASL involvement!

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